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2015 Fall MACK DAYS


Sponsored by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes and
sanctioned by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Up to $150,000 in Cash and Prizes Awarded 
One $10,000 & Three $5,000 Prizes; Five $1000 Prizes and Over Six Thousand $500 to $100 Tagged Lake Trout

September 25th through November 15th

Thank you Anglers for Another Successful Event!

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Up to $30,000 in Lottery Prizes ($1,000 to $200). All it takes is one ticket to win!

Plus: Top ten angler prizes $700 to $200, Friday through Sunday. The last day is a separate day.

Captains $250 (4 prizes), Smallest lake trout $250 (2 prizes), Largest lake trout $500

Top lady anglers $300, $200, $100. $100, $100 totals used.

Youth anglers: (17-13): 1st - $200, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $75, 4 & 5th - $50
(12 & under): 1st - $100, 2nd - $75, 3rd - $50 will also be entered in the lottery drawing.

Weekend Prizes - $200 & $100

Golden Angler Award (70 & older) - $200 & $100

3 days of single/team-heaviest 4-fish: 4/3 Friday, 4/25 Saturday, & 5/10 Sunday
Last Day Only: $300, $200, $100, $100 & Heaviest Mack under 30” - $200 & $100

The higher your total is at the end of the event-the higher your bonus-every day (51) counts.


Fish Fry for participants & families May 17th at Blue Bay at 3:00
Awards Ceremony at 4:00

Check the
rules, prizes, check in sites, & register online

Telephone 406-883-2888 Ex. 7294

Pick up applications at:

Zimmers Tackle - Pablo
Sportsman & Ski Haus - Kalispell
Westland Seed & Sports - Ronan
Ronan Sports & Western - Ronan
Walmart - Polson
Bob Ward & Sons - Missoula
Wholesale Sports - Missoula
Bretz RV and Marine - Missoula
Snappys Sports Senter - Kalispell
MFWP - Missoula and Kalispell
CSKT NRD Offices - Polson

Sponsored by the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
And sanctioned by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

See the Rules page.

Entries taken until the last day of the event.


It is very important to correctly identify each fish you catch-especially the smaller fish. It can be difficult to tell small bull trout from small lake trout. If you are in doubt about the identity of the fish, put it back. We had an unacceptable level of bull trout catch and harvest during the 2011 contests. This undermined our objective to benefit native fish and threatens the future of the contests.

  • Bull trout have no black spots on the dorsal fin, and orange spotting on the sides of the fish can be very light and difficult to see.
  • Examine the top of the back. Spots on a bull trout will be distinctly rounded and uniform.
  • Flatten the tail out wide. Bull trout will have a tail that is squarer than lake trout. Although some smaller bull trout will have a slight V shape and be confused with lake trout.

Starting this year we are required to report all bull trout entries to the authorities. Let’s strive for zero mistaken identities this year!

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